The client is quite involved in the website creation process and needs to provide the written copy as well as any pertinent images or photographs.  The client supplies the raw material and we assemble it into attractive, aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-read web pages. All meeting/ review sessions are charge at an hourly rate of $30.


The client needs to provide the written copy for the project.  Mach 3 Media does provide writing services, but for additional cost. Text written using a plain text application such as Notepad and saved as a .txt file is preferred. The text must not wrap or be formatted other than using simple paragraphs. The designer formats the text as it should look on the web page. Please do not send drafts of your text. Send only your final version. Minor changes and corrections are expected once the web page is prepared, however extra charges may apply for replacing submitted text. Web pages which contain more than 1,200 words may be subject to additional charges.


The quality of your website has a lot to do with the images on it. Snapshots and clip art tend to make a website look amateur. Professional or stock photography is highly recommended, if we are required to purchase stock photos/ videos you are subject to an hourly charge of $30.  If you need preparation of specialized graphic elements such as icons, renders, custom maps, etc., extra fees apply. If you email your images please ensure your program does not shrink them.  Using Dropbox is preferred.


The hosting fee of $20 per month is billed annually at $240, and needs to be paid separately from the design services and directly online with your credit card at the start of the project.   The design is a one-time fee, but the hosting and domain will renew annually on your credit card automatically, unless you choose to cancel. There is a cancellation charge of $100. If you already have registered and manage your own domain, or you will be required to transfer your domain to our account, and will be subject to a service charge of $50.


A 50% deposit is required to begin the project and the balance is due upon completion or throughout financing options. The client is required to provide all the content necessary. If the client has not provided all the necessary website content within 6 months of commencing the project, the website will be considered complete and final payment will be due at the time.